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Austin Chiropractor Improves Health

Welcome to Austin Chiropractic Neurology!


Austin chiropractic patients who are interested in true health have discovered Austin Chiropractic Neurology! If your goal is to get healthy and stay healthy for life, then your chiropractor in the Cedar Park, and North West Austin area is Austin Chiropractor Dr. Amir Ghazi at Austin Chiropractic Neurology.

A Unique Approach

Chiropractic is safe, simple and effective. But not all chiropractors are the same! Chiropractic neurology offers new hope for those who have not found relief from conventional treatment.

“It is my passion to continue helping my patients and community to achieve and maintain the health they want and deserve,” states Dr. Amir Ghazi.

Helping NW Austin, Round Rock & Cedar Park Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Can our unique approach to chiropractic help you? We’ve helped many Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park area residents who went from chiropractor to chiropractor Austin and finally found results in our office. Take the first step on your journey to optimal health and call Austin Chiropractic Neurology today!

Austin Chiropractic Neurology | (512) 257-1500

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