Best Chiropractor in Town

Dr Ghazi is the the best chiropractor in town! He gives a thorough excellent exam and x-rays if needed on the first visit. He takes his time to tell you what he thinks he can do for you. I no longer have terrible lower back and hip pain. He took care of my vertigo too! Which I had no idea he could do. Kenna his office manager is adept and cheerful with handling of insurance and payment. Dr Ghazi ‘s upbeat, positive and motivational style are worth the time and money to pay him a visit. I always feel better after visiting Dr Ghazi and Kenna.

Peggy M.

Excruciating Pain and Violent Dizzy Spells

I visited a health food store to pick up an item for my mother and as fate would have it, I asked an employee where to find the product. I happened to ask him a question about a supplement for ongoing, excruciating pain in my hips. He told me about how Dr. Ghazi helped his shoulder pain and offered the contact information. I was very thankful and took the information. However, I have always been “afraid” and a little leery about going to any kind of doctor. I tucked the card away in my purse. I pulled the card out a few times, thinking I should call or research this doctor. I misplaced the card. I searched everywhere and could not find it.

Something in my being was compelled to contact this doctor because he was a chiropractic neurologist. It seemed like it would be different than any other chiropractic experience. Still, I could not find the contact information. One day, while at work, I became very dizzy, had a temperature of 103 and could barely walk or function, but the overwhelming sense that I must find this doctor’s phone number was so strong in that moment, that I went to search my purse pockets once again. I reached into my bag, without looking, and the first thing I touched was a business card. I pulled it out, but could not make out the writing because I was so ill and dizzy. I held that card tight, knowing that was it. I tucked it into my wallet for safe keeping and that was the beginning of a healing journey.

When I first contacted the office by phone, a kind and gentle voice impressed me. Kenna’s professional, customer-service oriented demeanor made me wish to explore this business that much more. I set up the appointment with her to have a consultation with Dr. Ghazi. As soon as he walked into the room, I immediately liked him. Dr. Ghazi’s approach was warm, kind, and gentle. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained things in a manner, which I understood. This doctor is a brilliant- minded man who puts his heart into serving others, and without judgment or a pompous attitude. I had a strong sense I could trust him and it only took seconds to become aware of his passion for helping others through this line of work.

I decided to return for another appointment and to follow the clinical care regimen he suggested. I no longer have excruciating pain in my hips or those violent dizzy spells I often experienced. Most of all, I am able to calmly handle the challenging level of stress I am exposed to on a daily basis. I am no longer functioning in survival mode. Dr. Ghazi taught and encouraged ways to live a more balanced and healthy life style. He is an amazing teacher, who not only helps heal a hurting body, but a hurting heart. He does his chiropractic work, but also teaches others how to continue healthy, balanced living outside of his office. He educates on how the brain plays a huge part in our physical health. Dr. Ghazi guides and motivates individuals to participate in their own healing process.

Dr. Ghazi helped me find ways to balance my right brain and left brain, so one isn’t always chasing the other. This balance has fostered precious peace in the midst of grueling stress. I am now able to function in a calm, logical manner without losing my sense of self or sacrificing my own needs. My heart stays true to my passions and purpose, while not only remembering the importance of self-care, but the ability to put it into practice daily.

I am ever grateful to Dr. Ghazi and to Kenna. It is a nice feeling(and thought), knowing I have successfully participated in Dr. Ghazi’s help and his hope for me to create a great foundation for a healthier lifestyle and a safety net to return to for additional help, if needed.

I continue to recommend Dr. Ghazi’s services to others. No matter what the ailment, I believe he will be able to guide individuals on their journey to a healthier, happier, better balanced life. His gift of healing is a Godsend. I believe others will truly benefit from his expertise in this field.

Shannon N.

Helped Chronic Vertigo

I have had chronic vertigo, a balance/movement disorder and migraines for the past 9 years. I have seen numerous medical doctors and therapists and achieved some improvement with the use of numerous medications and supplements.

I was referred to Dr. Ghazi by a friend and found myself hopeful because of her success under his care. I was instantly impressed with Dr. Ghazi because he explained exactly the what and why of everything he was doing and planned for my treatment and honestly made no extreme claims for long term success, which I would have questioned. His confidence and passion for what he is doing makes you feel confident about him and even more invested in following through.

I have now been seeing Dr. Ghazi for 6 weeks and must share some of my improvements, from his manipulations, home exercises and recommendations for how I should move, as seen through an airport experience. Going to the airport is one of the worst triggers for my problems, where I stagger, stumble and sway uncontrollably and uncomfortably. This time though, I used all of the advice that Dr. Ghazi has recommended to gain control of my body and to maintain my balance. And eureka……I was able to remain still and secure and walk normally. And my head/brain sensations were minimal. My husband was tremendously impressed because he is well aware of how difficult this environment is for me.

I strongly recommend Dr. Ghazi, especially to anyone who has given up on traditional medical intervention for neurological issues. Not only is he a really nice man with a gentle touch, he is a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable, passionate and experienced doctor. He is the only clinician who was able to successfully employ Eply maneuvers with me in all of the 9 years I have had my problems. That equated to immediate relief for me when having a relapse that normally could last for weeks. I can’t speak highly enough about how Dr. Ghazi has helped me, so please consider him for your problems.

Raezel P.


It is amazing how much better I feel with just two visits and the daily exercises. Dr. Ghazi was very thorough and got right to the source of the pain. There are no words that could adequately thank you enough.

Aleta M.

Wonderful Hope

Thank you for the time you spent with me when I was feeling overwhelmed with my medical condition…complications from a cervical fusion exacerbated by an extremely strenuous physical hike. Based on your consultation and manipulation, I now have wonderful hope for healing.

Mary C.

Low Back Pain

Dr. Ghazi was able to meet me very short notice and has gone out of his way to help me, he truly has a passion for helping his patients and by far his methods are more extensive and practical than the previous chiropractors that I have been to.

John R.

Chronic Pain

Tara was very welcoming and professional. I was seen right at my appointment time by Dr. Ghazi. His understanding of my complex condition put me at ease immediately. Dr. Ghazi’s examination and evaluation was very thorough. His explanation of the proposed treatment and the results I might expect were also thorough and easily understood. Dr. Ghazi called me later in the day of my first treatment to see how I was feeling. This was most impressive and certainly unexpected, since I had not had a surgical procedure! Due to my chronic pain, I have seen a variety of health care professionals over the past 4 years. My first visit to Dr. Ghazi ranks right at the top for an initial experience.

Dan B.

Child Development Disorder

Our son Aiden has been seeing Dr.Ghazi since January 2013. Aiden is six years old and was diagnosed with Autism PDD NOS when he was four years old. The main thing he’s struggled with has been speech, out of control behavior, and a hard time in many social situations; not talking or playing with peers, not looking people in the eye, or engaging conversation at all. We have seen these struggles with him since he was about 18 months old.

It has been a sad and frustrating past 5 years for us until about March of this year. When Aiden starting seeing Dr.Ghazi he had very poor balance, and not much communication or strength. He has been receiving adjustments as well as physical therapy from Dr.Ghazi and we have carried over exercises and therapies at home. We switched him to a gluten free diet and took as much dairy, dyes, and sugar out of his diet that we could. We also put him on a multivitamin and a fish oil supplement.

It really hit me in March, approximately 3 months after he began seeing Dr.Ghazi, that we had a different kid. It’s like the real Aiden finally came out. He started initiating conversation, making eye contact, having a lot less fits, did the exercises with ease, and now has great balance. I am beyond grateful that I found Dr.Ghazi. Even after Aiden being in the Easter Seals program and a special education class in the public school, this treatment has been so different. It is working!

My husband and I also regularly see Dr.Ghazi for treatments and we can’t say enough great things about him. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We love going to see him and Tara each week!

Justin and Alanna

The Pain in My Knees Is Almost Gone…

I was having more and more difficulty in walking, not to mention climbing the stairs, and even at rest in bed. The problem according to my HMO was osteoarthritis, mainly in the knees, for which she had me take calcium, glucosamine, etc. and exercise. Nevertheless my knees were becoming week and stiff. Not only was it painful just about all the time, but I had a lack of control while walking or even standing. I would often stumble and sometimes fall down. When lying in bed or reclining in my easy chair, I could hardly bear having my knees one upon the other. And always had this pain in the back bone from the waist down to the tail bone.

Now the pain in my knees is almost gone. I’m feeling stronger and far more at ease when walking. My body has become lighter on my knees. The stiffness has become lighter, I’m limping less and less, and I can even bend down safely to pick up things from the floor. I definitely have much more control on my walking, though I don’t seem to be gaining in speed. But I can stand either at home or running errands for longer periods. I can climb up some stairs without holding on to the rail. Some unimportant pain still lingers from the waist down to the tail bone. No pain at all while resting. But above all, and to me this is essential, I know that at least I am in the right path and therapy, and within the area of Chiropractic Neurology, in the best possible hands. I thank you all for that, as I thank the doctor in Mexico City who sent me to you.

69 years young

Continuous Dizziness, Vertigo and Lumbar Pain

When I became a patient of Dr. Ghazi’s I was suffering from lower back pains and never thought of discussing my ‘seasickness” with him. Through the years I have been to other chiropractors and none have ever asked about it. After a couple of months with Dr. Ghazi working on my back, he said “you know, I can help you with your dizziness”. I thought “Oh Sure”.

Now I have suffered from” seasickness” my whole life and I am now 70 years of age. I am a Dramamine junkie because of it. I never could read in a moving car or go on a merry go-round or get on a boat. I couldn’t ride in the back seat of a car or fly on an airplane without a Dramamine. If I looked up from my reading glasses I would get a dizzy spell. I even would get dizzy standing in the shower with my eyes closed! It became a way of life…..I planned ahead and lived each day with a Dramamine. So, when Dr. Ghazi said that he could help me through this I was skeptical.

So he started out exercising my eyes with the movement of his finger and I would be so sick by the time I got home I would have top take to my bed for the rest of the day. And the headaches were pretty bad too. Dr. Ghazi even had to either wear a plain colored shirt or cover up the stripes on the one he was wearing when I was there. Those stripes made me dizzy too. After several sessions and my practicing with a chart at home and my getting sick all the time, my husband was ready for me to quit the sessions. But I didn’t! It was several months and lots of “I don’t want to do this” coming from me when one day after my session with the doctor, I forgot to be dizzy on my way home!

By the time I remembered that I was supposed to be sick but wasn’t, I was so thrilled I wrote it all down so I could tell Dr. Ghazi the next time I saw him. My husband and I travel often and have noticed that I don’t have half the problems with dizziness that I used to.

I still have Dramamine with me in my purse and I still take maybe a fourth of a pill or less just as a crutch but I haven’t had any seasickness that sent me to bed with a nauseating headache since working on this problem with Dr. Ghazi.

As a matter of fact, we were recently in Beijing traveling by tour bus, not one of my favorite things to do since even the smell of the bus will set me off, and my husband said something to me and I thought, “Oh I forgot to take my Dramamine,” and then I realized I didn’t even have any with me! But, you know what, I soon forgot to even think about it and spent the day enjoying myself.

July 23, 2008

Post-Surgical Lumbar Pain With Radiculopathy…

When the emergency room physician entered the room, I knew what he was going to say, “The MRI indicates you have another ruptured disc”. He suggested I call my neurosurgeon first thing Monday morning. Instead of taking the doctor’s kind advice, I went practically crawling into Dr. Ghazi’s office.

Dr. Ghazi knew the history of my back; four surgeries with a fusion. He knew what many medical doctors had already told me. My back is a mess. I needed Dr. Ghazi to work his magic. I was in considerable pain, but I wasn’t about to go to another neurosurgeon. I trusted Dr. Ghazi and for good reason. He told me to give him 9-10 months.

Each month I improved. With prayer, meditation, and (usually) following Dr. Ghazi’s orders, I was “good as new” in eight months. He did it! And may I say in addition, that as a nurse, I believe this man knows the neurological system and what to do about injuries to it better than any neurosurgeon I’ve ever been a patient of or personally known.

When my hips or knees hurt, I go to Dr. Ghazi. When I have a migraine, he’s my doc. I have less allergies and allergy related migraines because of regular adjustments. My husband says he’s going to get his “snap”. It’s a family thing.

Elizabeth Ann
Georgetown, Texas

Pain in Left Arm and Hand to Wellness Care

We found Dr. Ghazi by way of referral and a friend of ours who has been a long time patient in the Georgetown office. Dr. Ghazi is the best thing that has happened to us here in Austin with our health care. Dr. Ghazi and Tara genuinely care for their patients and make the difference between just being alive and being in superior health and well being.

Skeptical about chiropractic? Don’t be. Give the treatment a fair chance and you will not ever feel sorry you invested in your long term health care.

Very Affectionately,

Lisa & Chris

Scoliosis and Spinal Stenosis

I first met Dr. Ghazi when he came to work for Dr. Allen…and I am so grateful. He has been wonderful to me.I have scoliosis and spinal stenosis for which there is no real cure but he has kept me on my feet and moving for which I thank him. He has given me exercises to do at home which have helped also. He is a very caring person and works very hard to help his patients both with his manipulations and with teaching. I have learned a lot about my condition from Dr. Ghazi.

Carolyn M.

Bothered By Sciatica for Years

I have had many chiropractic treatments for this condition. More often than not they gave me relief for a few days at most and then the sciatic pain returned.

Four years ago I became a patient of Dr. Amir Ghazi. His careful analysis of my pain, his recommendations of specific exercises, and his gentle chiropractic manipulations of my lower back have made substantial improvements in my condition. I can go for a whole month between treatments with minimal pain of sometimes no pain at all. I have been extremely pleased with the results of Dr. Ghazi’s care.

Dr. Ghazi, moreover, is a very kind and thoughtful individual. It is a pleasure for me to come to his office for my monthly treatment. I recommend him highly to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Georgetown, Texas

A really good practice, I would recommend.

Charles S.

Dr. Ghazi explains and interacts with the patient to make sure we understand what the problem is, & how to go about it, and continues informing us with each session.

Tehrani J.

Best chiropractic care I’ve received in many years. Thanks!


I felt well cared for and great passion from Dr. Ghazi for helping people! Thanks Dr. Ghazi and team!

Jacob H.

Best chiropractic visit ever!

Adrian A.

I really appreciated the time and attention that was paid during my visit. Explanations and treatments were clear and Dr. Ghazi was both professional and warm. I feel better after one visit!

Virginia C.

Really impressed. Those adjustments dramatically improved my posture.

Adam S.

Dr. Ghazi is awesome! I will be back as soon as possible!

Breier G.

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